Chen Feng


This serie of works reflects my way of thinking on the development of civilization… the parallels of Chinese and Western civilization, their interaction, confrontation and causation.

1959 born in Fuzhou, Fujian province. 1982 graduated from Fujian Normal University with BA degree. He works and lives in Song Zhuang, Beijing since 2007

2008 “The Art of Animation” Group Exhibition at Linda Gallery, 798, Beijing
2007 “Chen Feng & Wang Xin” Group Exhibition at RC Gallery, Shanghai
2006 Solo Exhibition at RC Gallery, Shanghai
2005 Poster design “Chinese Kung Fu” selected to attend the 6th
National Sports Art Exhibition
2004 Poster design “Together We Wish” selected to attend the 10th
National Art Exhibition
2003 Oil painting “Elements of Decay” selected to attend “The National 3rd
Oil Painting Exhibition”
2002 Poster design won Silver Medal and selected to attend 80’s Anniversary of
CP China Art Show
2001 “Ornamental Pillar”, an installation and paintings selected to attend “Fuzhou 2011” Contemporary Art Show
2000 Poster design won Bronze Medal in Fujian Province and selected to attend the 9th
National Art Exhibition
1980 “Four Seasons”, a abstract work selected to attend National Young Artist Exhibition “Spring”, the work is published in “Art Magazine” the same year.