Zhan Yingpin


I am turning images from the real world into artistic images. Animals are my favorite theme. They are depicted in a illusional way to visualize the relation between reality and fiction. Joyful life experiences are expressed on canvas. Screening, reflecting different possibilities to mirror reality in art.

Zhan Yingping (Zhan Zhan)

1963 born in XIangyang, Hubei.
1988 graduated from Art department of Hubei University for Economics.
1998 graduated from Oil Painting Department of Beijing Institute of Education
with Master’s Degree
Now works and lives in Beijing


2010 “Stand Down” Art Show, Songzhuang, Beijing
2008 “Group of 5” Oil Painting Exhibition, Songzhuang, Beijing
2007 The 2nd Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing
1998 Oil Painting Group Exhibition at International Art Gallery, Beijing
1987 Hubei Young Art Festival, Hubei